Brass bar of different cross sections

Brass bar that is always available for wholesale and retail in our company is divided into several types:
- By brand - LS 59-1, L63, L68, LS59, LS 63-3, LZHS 58-1-1etc.;
- According to the method of production - cold-worked or drawnand hot-worked orextruded;
- The cross section - round, square, hexagonal;
- The production precision - normal, enhanced and high accuracy;
- Metal condition - soft, semi-solid, solid;
- Size: multiple dimensional length, random length and bar in coils.

Our company offers the brass bar LS59-1 on wholesale and retail with a diameter of 8-50 mm and 1-5 meters long. If you need an extruded bar of non-standard sizes, contactour managers on the phones specified in section "Contacts" to discuss the individual terms. We guarantee strict compliance with any customer order.

Brass bar is necessary to manufacture valves. It is also used in various fields of industry like shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, aerospace, watch-making, etc. Unique properties which make brass an easily treatable, soldering and weldingmaterial explain the high demand of this material which can be bought on wholesale from our company. We offer brass products that fully comply with the norms and standards.

GOST standard divides pressed brass bar LS59-1 into:
- Round– can used to manufacture screws, bushings, bolts, fasteners and similar fittings;
- Hexagonal - a bar LS59-1 used to manufacture screws, valves, bolts and to produce the parts of electromechanical devices, piston engines, gearboxes and gas reducers, etc .;
- Square - is used in many different areas of industry, including the furniture to make artistic and decorative elements.