Product Catalogue

Brass ingot Brass ingot
Ingot is a by-product in many production industries because of its exceptional properties: high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, inertness to chemicals and water. In addition, the ingot is easy to machine.

Brass bar Brass bar
Brass bar is a type of rolled metal produced from two-component brasses. We produce the following shapes of extruded and drawn bars: - round - square - hexagon - plate (bars).

Brass profile Brass profile
Brass profiles are particularly robust and durable, have a yellow polished surface. These properties of brass profiles make them useful for fit out and decoration works in various indoor spaces. Brass profiles are ideal for decoration of various shapes and designs in the interior. They are also used for decoration and protection of the floors (tile, linoleum and laminate).

Exclusive profiles Exclusive profiles
Production of exclusive profiles, angles and other decorative elements for decoration and protection of different types of floor coverings, stairs, interior and exterior angles. Brass finishing elements will give any room a unique appeal and appearance.