About us

 Sale of brass products is the main activity of "Centrolit". We offer our customers a wide range of metal products made of brass (bars, profiles, ingots, sills, angles and many other) and our assortment is constantly expanding. We are always ready to help our customers to choose the goods to meet their demand. Reasonable prices and high quality products are our main advantages.

"Centrolit" is a stable and growing company. We have no time to rest on our laurels and therefore keepexpanding our business, making the most favorable business terms and conditions for our customers that help to develop our client base. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that all products in our catalog match Russian norms and quality standards.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of metal and are always there to help if you face any difficulties with the selection of brass products required for your project.
Our experienced expertswill save your time giving professional advice, providing fast shipment and delivery of brass products anywhere in the country.


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