LS type brass ingot

Brass ingot is a raw material used for the manufacture of other rolled metal products. If you want to be confident in the high quality not overpaying for it, buy metal products from our company where you will be offered only the highest quality products at a reasonable price.

"Centrolit" produces brass ingots of LS type in accordance with GOST 1020-97 weighing 24-27 kg. The copper content in the alloy is at least 58%.

Our company offers high-quality brass ingots at an affordable price. We suggest you to evaluate the quality of our products with a trial order. The ingot is always available in stock and on order. Terms of payment, shipment and price of LS brass ingots can be agreed and depend on the terms of our cooperation and the order size.

 Quality certificate – to enlarge Brass ingot is a bar of copper-zinc alloy weighing 24-27 kg, intended for further processing (production of casting alloys). Brass ingot is made in accordance with GOST 1020-97. Depending on the chemical composition, the brass can be the following types: LS, LSd, LA LAZhMts, LK, LKS, LK1, LK2, LMZH, LOC LMtsZh, LMtsS, LMtsSK.

LS brass ingot is manufactured in a standard way: before itscasting,the melt is refined to get the desired chemical composition. Refiningreduces the content of extraneous metallic and non-metallic impurities. In the end, the melt is poured into the form of desired dimensions.

Wholesale of brass ingot The weight of an ingot : 24-27 kg
Material: brass